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At SOWEGO Smart Solutions, we're not just about leveraging technology; we're about crafting a narrative of success and efficiency. Our founder, Althea Butler, embodies a unique blend of professional wisdom and personal empowerment, making her a sought-after figure in AI consultancy. Known for her adeptness in steering complex projects to success, within government and public agencies, Althea's passion lies in enriching businesses to operate more effectively and ensuring they invest time in growth rather than grind.

As a luminary in the industry, Althea's voice resonates far and wide – from electrifying talks on grand stages to intimate coaching sessions, she's dedicated to unlocking the potential of entrepreneurs through the power of Artificial Intelligence. Her tailored coaching methodologies enable businesses to navigate the complexities of AI integration, scaling new heights in efficiency and innovation.



Imagine a partnership where your business’s aspirations are understood and nurtured to fruition. This is the heart of our consulting philosophy. Althea Butler, with over a quarter-century of industry expertise, crafts consulting services as unique as your business. Whether it's reimagining your operational workflows, empowering your teams with AI-driven tools, or pioneering innovative strategies, Althea's guidance is your gateway to achieving more in less time.

Our consulting philosophy is built on actionable learning and immersive experiences, ensuring that your team not only gains knowledge but becomes proficient in applying AI to revolutionize your business strategies. Through our personalized training and materials, we help businesses redefine marketing strategies, enhance operational efficiency, and forge stronger, more collaborative teams.


Speaking Engagements

Althea Butler is a dynamic presence on any stage, from intimate community gatherings to expansive industry conferences, and a resonant voice on podcasts across the spectrum. Her mission extends beyond the realms of business consulting to include the empowerment of fellow entrepreneurs through the strategic deployment of online and AI tools.

With a focus on the vast potential of the digital landscape, Althea equips her audience with the knowledge and skills to navigate and flourish in the online marketplace, turning challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.



At SOWEGO Smart Solutions, your business’s journey towards innovation and efficiency is our mission. We offer tailored training and online courses to meet the unique requirements of your business. Our narrative is woven from the success stories we help to create every day. Providing a range of AI consulting services, we cater to businesses of all sizes.

Our approach is deeply rooted in a profound understanding of your specific challenges, enabling us to craft AI solutions that not only elevate efficiency and productivity but also drive measurable and transformative outcomes. With strategies designed to meet your organization’s distinct needs, we ensure a partnership that redefines success.

Join us at SOWEGO Smart Solutions, and let's embark on a transformative journey to redefine your business with the power of AI. Together, we will unlock new avenues of growth and efficiency, crafting a legacy of innovation and success.

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